Astral Viron QT1000

The new Viron QT1000 robotic pool cleaner combines ultra-efficiency with intelligence. Equipped with Sensor Nav System™ technology, iAquaLink app integration, an elevate system for effortless pool removal and much more, the QT1000 sets the benchmark for AstralPool's robotic cleaning range.

Robotic cleaners are fully independent cleaners that relieve the load on the skimmer, pump baskets and filter, reducing maintenance and saving water by reducing backwash. The NEW Viron QT1000 utilises iAquaLink technology, allowing you to take control of the cleaner with an in app remote control and monitor the cleaner's progress. And, with 7-day programming and an 18m swivel cable to reduce tangling, the QT1000 ushers in a new era for convenience and control.

QT1000 Features

  • Customised cleaning: learns your pool’s configuration to fully optimise movement and cleaning time

  • Advanced suction efficiency

  • Integration with Smart phone through the iAquaLink App

  • Ease of use: The Elevate System allows the cleaner to be lighter and completely effortless when it is removed from the water.

  • Transparent canister window with LED illumination

  • Swivel cable: Avoid tangling

  • Large 5L filter capacity

  • Storage caddy included

Watch the QT1000 in action!

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