Robo-Tek Pool Robotic Cleaners

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Brisbane Pool Robotics (BPR) is an authorised Robo-Tek service and sales centre, with our staff fully trained about the ins and outs of their cleaners, meaning your pool can be returned to sparkling clean sooner!

If you don't see the cleaner you desire below call us on

Ph: 3868 3848



  • Travelling at 15m per minute, you get quick and thorough cleaning of your pool surfaces

  • Suction at 290 Litres a minute draws in large leaves through two massive intakes.

  • Capacity for 4 litres leaf and debris.

  • 70 & 20 Micron filter bags capture super fine dust particles.  

  • 15m Floating cable makes it suitable for very large residential pools.

  • Twin Drive motors means it will handle any shape pool.......or your money back ! 

  • Smart programming removes the need for swivels in the cable

  • 3 year warranty on the Motor Box!

Robo Plus